We are five friends, who love boardgames. After two years of designing and play testing we are ready to produce our own board game €uro crisis. If you want to be kept up to date or have any questions, be welcome to write us a mail to
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€uro crisis is a satirical board game about the economic and political development in Europe over the last years.
We took known mechanics and quirky processes from the real world, simplified and exaggerated them to gain a game, that is fun to play. The Doppeldenk-Spiele team wanted to create an exciting and enjoyable game with an interesting topic and mechanics. The game is no sweeping criticism of banks, the EU or even single states. Quite in contrary we believe that the European Union as well as the Euro are great achievements for a peaceful Europe, which is worth to support and develop further. Thus we hope, that €uro crisis is not only an entertaining game, but will also encourage to reflect about existing problems and possible solutions.
However, we strongly suggest not to apply any learned strategies from the game to real life.
So long and thanks for all the fish!