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The quick introduction for 3 players can be found here.

I) On p. 15 e) it should read: White Moscow, Green: London (instead of the other way around)

II) Missing rule (box income on p. 9): If a player drops out of the game during a year and their quarter marker is still on the board it remains there until the quarter is played. In an eventually following year, the rules for a 3 player game apply. If two players drop out the players take turns choosing starting quarters starting with the player with higher income.

What happens if their is no renationalization after a riot?
- The hapiness marker is also placed back on the marked space.

What means the arrow at the right edge of the bond zone?
- If the debt marker stands on a space with an arrow and should be moved to the right by a socialist reform or an economy event, it is moved upwards instead.

What happens if the debt marker is on the black space with the EuroCrisis symbol?
- If the marker is moved to the right or upwards it remains on the space. If it is moved to the left or downwards it is moved to the respective space. If the marker remains on the space until the end of an action the respective state performs a debt cut (see p. 13).

What is a senseless reform?
- If a players choose the action Rome and perform a reform, they can decide between a real reform or a senseless reform. If they choose a real reform ALL of the effects of the respective party (see p.11) happen. If they choose a senseless reform none of the effects happen. The government marker is still moved one space to the center.

Is it allowed to keep the same government with a Brussels action?
- Yes. The government markers are placed on the outmost space (large) and the space marked with a dot (small) of the parties.

Is it allowed to perform reforms in different countries with a Rome action?
- Yes.

Are the reforms of a Rome action performed all at the end of the action or one after another?
- One after another. Thus money earned by reforms from the Liberals may be spent for another reform.

Is it allowed to place loan markers in different states with one London action?
- No. In each London action you have to choose one state, in which you want to invest.

Is there a privatisation after each London action?
- No. If no loan markers are placed or if the loan markers are placed in a state, which has no property left to privatise their won't be a privatisation.

Am I allowed to pass on a privatisation after I won the auction?
- No.

Do the prices of gold and weapons always rice after a Moscow action?
- No. If only gold is bought, only the gold price rises. If only weapons are bought, only the weapon price rises. If both/none are bought, both/none rise.

What happens if I can't pay when I receive Income or a communist reform is performed?
- You have to pay all your remaining money and your income decreases by the rest.

Can I decrease my income to gain the respective amount of Euro?
- No.

What happens if I perform a reform with Rome and the debt or happiness marker can't be moved?
- Nothing. The other effect of the reform is still happening.
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