rpg.net Antonio S wrote a review about €uro Crisis taking about what he likes and doesn't like in the game. You can find it on rpg.net.
Heavy Cardboard Ding and Dent In the Podcasts Heavy Cardboard (45:32) and Ding and Dent (20:55) €uro Crisis was reviewed. In both casts you find a short overview over the gameplay and first impressions of the game.
Europe and me The young and pro european online magazine Europe & Me wrote an english article with game report and interview.
HandelsblattA game report with video and opinions of the players appeared on Handelsblatt online. Here you can find a google translation of the article.
Various media reported about €uro Crisis:

23.08.16 Pawnstar
20.08.16 Hall9000 in cooperation with Spielerei (No. 112) (German)
17.02.16 Spielbox 2016/1
07.01.16 rpg.net
11.12.15 Kreiszeitung (German)
03.12.15 Heavy Cardboard Podcast (45:32)
03.12.15 Ding and Dent Podcast (20:55)
28.11.15 Bento (German)
16.11.15 Next Gamer (German)
08.11.15 Ratgeber Spieler (German)
12.10.15 BSZ online (German)
08.10.15 Funkhaus Europa
08.10.15 Reutlinger Generalanzeiger
28.09.15 Süddeutsche Zeitung (German)
30.07.15 Europe & Me (English)
27.07.15 SHOCK 2 (German)
24.06.15 Kontextwochenzeitung (German)
20.06.15 Stuttgarter Nachrichten (German)
13.06.15 Handelsblatt-Online (German)
13.06.15 Schwäbisches Tagblatt
19.12.14 Funkhaus Europa
29.10.14 Handelsblatt-Online (German)