GameSurplusIf you live in the US and want to play €uro Crisis, there are good news! Finally a bunch of copies arrived at GamesSurplus and you can order your copy there, without having to pay the shipping costs from Europe.
Heavy Cardboard Ding and Dent In the Podcasts Heavy Cardboard (45:32) and Ding and Dent (20:55) €uro Crisis was reviewed. In both casts you find a short overview over the gameplay and first impressions of the game.
Startnext Finally we held the games in our hands. We had an exciting week in Essen at the Spiel '15 and are happy that nearly everything went smoothly. At the moment we are preparing the distribution. We are waiting for the remaining games to arrive at the end of the week and then forward them to all suporters.
Essen We are looking forward to present €uro Crisis to the public at the Spiel '15 in Essen (8.-11. October)! We will be in hall 7 at booth H109 and a copy of €uro Crisis will still costs 35€. Write us a mail to preorder your copy!
The artwork for the box is finished! Thanks a lot to our artist Johannes Richers! Box
Startnext Many, many thanks to all of our supporters! Without you, we wouldn't have been able to realise the crisis. Due to the succesfull end of the crowdfunding campagne we are able to take the game into production. Last details still have to be clarified, but we are happy to announce that €uro Crisis will be available in October.
HandelsblattA game report with video and opinions of the players appeared on Handelsblatt online. Here you can find a google translation of the article.
Startnext The crowdfunding campaign for our game €uro Crisis has begun on startnext! With your help we will be able to produce the game. Support the project and receive a reward (for example a copy of the game) and share the good news: The crisis has only just begun!
Startnext Finally, the crisis has come: we started the first stage of the crowdfunding campaign for our board game €uro Crisis on startnext. It is our goal to produce 500 copies of €uro Crisis. In a first stage, we need at least 100 fans, who noncommittally support the project. We would be happy if you become a fan of the project. In this way you enable us to start the funding phase and be the first to know when we start it.
In the funding phase we have to get enough support to produce the 500 copies. As supporter you would get one copy of €uro Crisis in case of a successful campaign. Of course, if we do not reach our funding goal you would pay nothing.
euro Encouraged by the positive feedback at Essen '14 we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign for €uro Crisis this year.
We are no professional boardgame publishers and each of us has other things to do (mainly make a living). Hence we prefer not to be hasty and deliver rather late in the year the best possible product than a version with which we are not fully satisfied.
So far, our rough timeline is:
  • until March: finalization and blind-testing of rules; finalization of artwork; production plan and price-setting
  • mid May until mid July: crowdfunding campaign on startnext
  • August & September: production of game in case of successful funding
  • October: shipping to backers, Essen '15
We would be very glad if you support us, once the crowdfunding has started.
Funkhaus EuropaThere was a German radio report about €uro Crisis in Funkhaus Europa.
HandelsblattA German article about €uro Crisis was released in the Handelsblatt. If you can't speak German you still might be interested: There are some pictures available in the article.
EssenSome of us have been to the Spiel in Essen since 2010. For the first time we had our own booth with our own game: €uro crisis. It was a very encouraging experience with a lot of positive feedback! We are happy to announce that we will start a crowdfunding campaign for the game in spring 2015.